Koh Chang

Koh Chang, also called the 'Elephant Island' or 'Koh Chang Noi', is a small and beautiful island at the West Coast of Thailand, near Ranong in the Andaman Sea.

Don't confuse this Island with the other Koh Chang Island in the “Province of Trat” in Thailand, which is situated on the eastern coast near "Rayong", in the Gulf of Thailand.

A perfect hide away

Those who like to enjoy a holiday away of hotels, shopping malls and any traffic on wheels, will find Koh Chang is the perfect hide away island. Enjoy at Koh Chang pure nature and the relaxed traditionel spirit of southern Thai people.

Joining a Day Trip from Koh Chang

You can get information on our Day Trips or book a place through Aladdin Dive Safari, which is situated within Cashew Resort at the main beach of the island:  Aow Yai Beach.

Staying at Koh Chang

Our recommended accommodations at Koh Chang are:

  • Cashew Resort (Ao Yai Bay)
  • Sunset Bungalows (Ao Yai Bay)
  • Hornbill Bungalow (situtaed further north of Ao Yai Bay at a secluded beach)
  • Prices for these accommodations range between 300-800 THB